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The main principle of Sanomist fogger is that with very small quantity of chemical and water, it generates a desired critical mass of ULV droplets, which gives finest results for what it is applied for. The smaller the droplet size of the spray more effective is the action of the chemicals being sprayed. San0mist fogger gives a very fine mist with droplet size less than 5 microns, thus helping the chemical being sprayed to penetrate even the cracks and crevices of the walls. Thereby giving complete aerial coverage in the desired area.
Due to vary small droplet size generated and their low mass weight, the chemical discharged through the Sanomist fogger has more exposure to kill the micro- organism in the air. This not only increases the action of the chemical but also increases the efficiency of the chemical.

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Application with Sanomist Fogger

Maximum Volumetric Coverage
Maximum Volumetric Coverage in shortest time span

Highly Effective
Highly Effective, Safe, Non Corrosive & Non Toxic

Highly Compatible
Highly compatible with wide range of disinfectants having Ph 1.5 – 11

Approved by all leading

Pharma, Food, Biotech,
Research & Healthcare Industry


Application Areas



Nursing Homes

OT’s / ICU

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