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Rotomist (360 degree Rotation)


RotoMist is a rotating device that perpetually rotates in 360 degree when the static Fogger machine is placed on it. It’s guaranteeing the fog / mist to be uniformly distributed within the embedded space, thereby achieving maximum efficacy of the chemical / disinfectant when sprayed.

The introduction of RotoMist has completely avoided the requirement of personnel presence within the sterile areas to change the fogger direction during fogging operations and have thus reduced any further cross contamination while doing so.


Benefits of using SanoMist Fogger with RotoMist Turner

  • The Mist / Fog generated from the fogger is uniformly spread in all direction thereby increasing the efficacy of the disinfectant/chemical when used.
  • Larger area with an even distribution of fog particles is adhered.
  • Avoids condensation and droplet accumulation as in case when ON LY static fogger is used.
  • Maximum Volumetric Coverage
  • Reduces the quantity of static fogger to be used per area
  • Reduces the dosages of chemical / disinfectants used.
  • Time Saving
  • Maintenance free and trouble free operation

Technical Specifications

  • MOC of the RotoMist – Stainless Steel
  • Power Supply – 220 / 230v AC, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Rotation Speed – 2 RPM
  • Load Carried during rotation – Upto 20 kgs
  • Motor – Standard
  • Dry Weight – Approx 8 Kg


Approved by all leading : Pharma, Food, Biotech, Research & Healthcare Industry.

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